about ptp

    PTP has been providing systems and storage integration services for over a decade. First formed in 1997 as Patuxent Technology Partners, LLC, PTP was formally spun off its parent company in 2005. The primary focus of PTP has remained unchanged since its inception -- to provide expert level engineering support for the design, acquisition, development, integration, deployment, and ongoing support of high-performance, fault-tolerant information systems. PTP provides a wide range of services from systems design consultation through turnkey acquisition and deployment of operation systems.

    Since we started PTP over 10 years ago, we have seen an explosion in the amount of data that our customers want collected and processed.  We have also seen the end of the truly homogenous computer center where all of the equipment and software comes from the same vendor.  In that, of course, there’s good news and not so good news.  The good news – open systems mean more choices and more choices almost always means you get more for your money.  The not so good news – multi-vendor heterogeneous compute/storage systems can be pretty complicated to design and implement.

    We know that most of our customers have a technical staff that is more than capable of understanding and incorporating new technology into their data processing infrastructure. The real problem comes from the allocation of these resources.  Why use your own valuable resources trying to solve a problem that is better worked on by a staff dedicated to such problems?  That’s where PTP can help. We’ve amassed hands-on experience that allows us to quickly and accurately solve your storage problem. In almost every case, we can deliver a complete storage subsystem for a lower total cost than if it was done in-house by your own staff.

    PTP has stayed at the forefront of the developments in storage technology by utilizing opportunities presented to us by the very customer base we are here to serve.  Our engineers have been involved in the operation of storage technology testbeds at large government installations where we have had early access to some of the most innovative advances in the storage world.  PTP has been able to do hands-on testing of most of the major software developments of the past ten years -- including throughput, fault tolerance, and data integrity analysis.  What’s the net of all this testing?  We know what works and what doesn’t in real-world situations and we can bring that experience to bear in solving your storage problems.

    In addition to helping our customers learn about current technology, our customer base has requested that we provide turn-key solutions to integrate this technology into their day-to-day operations.  We have considerable experience building systems designed to accommodate the needs of our customers. Our services include detailed analysis of requirements, design of the storage network topology, acquisition and installation of physical devices (servers, tape libraries, switching technology, storage products, and power protection systems), and integration of the latest shared storage technology (SAN, NAS, etc.) - all tuned to meet clients' specific operational needs.

meet the team

Ken Bacci

Ken is one of the Managing Partners. When he's not climbing one of Colorado's 14ers, Ken spends his time in PTP's office on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Marty Williams

Marty is the other Managing Partner. He has a habit of taking his own picture whenever he travels. Regardless of what you might think, he does not cut his own hair.

Hoot Thompson

Hoot is the Chief Technical Officer for PTP. He is still remarkably young for someone with so many years of engineering experience.

Ben Bledsoe

Ben came to PTP right out of the University of Maryland. We're pretty sure that Ben still holds out hope that some day soon he'll be drafted to play in the NBA.

Scott Sinno

Scott has provided innovative support & solutions for large scale computing and storage at NASA GSFC continuously since 2001, usually but not always with his shirt on.

Julien Peters

Julien came to PTP immediately after graduating from Capitol College in Maryland. Julien may be our youngest team member, but he's gaining experience at a thunderous rate. Nice hat, Julien.

Michael Bowen

Mike is one of the most recent additions to our team, coming to PTP just after graduating from George Mason University. Mike is really not as serious as he looks in his picture.

Brittany Wills

Brittany is also one of our most recent additions, coming to PTP after finishing up a graduate degree at George Mason University. As you can tell from her picture, she is very excited to be with us.

Donna Newton

Donna is the main point of contact for our Lynx product resale division.

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woman-owned small business!

PTP and its sister division Lynx Storage Systems are woman-owned small businesses.